A day in the life, in Kalmar


Whenever I photograph families, I tend to be very organised. I prepare the whole shoot beforehand, I know exactly what pictures I want to take and how to get them.

But sometimes, when I feel very safe, when I feel I’m family and whatever I present with the love & caring I feel of them will be received with the same amount of love & caring…..I let go….

In the realm of   my “letting-go” world , magic can happen. I might not get all the pictures in my list, I might not even get the pictures people usually find in my portfolio, but I get images that have that little extra. For me. And hopefully for them.

I have many families I feel like I am a part of in this life. Besides my own beloved family, I’m lucky to say I have many extra moms, dads,  sisters, brothers, daughters, sons and soul mates around this world.

This beautiful family is one of them. This shoot was supposed to be an anniversary present, but it became so much more when they decided to add the grandparents and fly me to his hometown for the session. Just love them with all my heart and when I’m with them I can also pretend for a while that I’m Japonese, Dutch, Swedish, Brazilian, smart, calm, peaceful, sweet, open and 100% pure awesomess.

Dear family, this is my ode of love to you, thanks, for once more letting me let go!♥︎