A Winter Beloved Pregnancy shoot!


It’s been more than 14 years, but I can still remember the feelings. I can still remember lying in bed and just feeling. Feeling as close as ever to my husband. Feeling this mix of pure joy and pure fear for the unknown that was about to come. We had created something together. The first literal materialization of our love. A little human that would be us both.

People told me: “Enjoy this time. It will never be the same the second time around.” Just me and my body. Or should I say, my “bodies”. Feeling something move for the first time, inside of you, growing, teaching you so many things you never knew you could feel. Teaching you that life would never be the same again.

We made plans, we played with our fantasies of all the love and happiness the future would bring us.

So that’s how I really want our Beloved Pregnancy Sessions to be. A time of love. A time of feeling. Together. All three of you.

I’m so happy that E & D were all in when I told them what I had planned for them. No posing. No faking. Just real. Love and feelings to a 100%. And I told them to think that every time they looked into the camera, that they were looking at their first child, who in the future would be looking back at those pictures and also feeling. Feeling how much she was wanted. Feeling how much she was loved♥