This year has been so great that I have been useless in terms of blogging! Where has time gone???

I promise that after our wedding season that has just finished, I’ll be updating our blog with a lot of inspiration and  joyful photos of all these amazing families we have met.

One of the biggest things that have happened was that we have released the new Playful Heart cards and workshops worldwide and have already been teaching our wonderful, fun and loving technique to photograph family and children in Holland, Sweden, Estonia and now in October we will be bringing it to France.

Besides being a part of our workshops, you can also follow us both on Facebook or Instagram to get new ideas for your own family shoots. Or you can even keep an eye on us and see where we will be going next to be one of our “model” families.

This amazing family has been with me since their parents got married in Stockholm many MANY years ago, when these cuties didn’t even exist yet.

It’s such a joy to follow a family for so many years and it’s amazing to see besides all the great shots you can get with the Playful Heart technique, that the children really have lots of fun when they meet us.

Some facts about this specific shoot during our latest workshop in Stockholm:

Time with the family: 20 minutes

Games played: 10 different games with variations

Number of photographers standing behind me: three

Number of photos the family will get from the shoot: 125 images

Number of times the children noticed the photographers: 0



PFH_MINIWORKSHOP_thumbnail_PFH_Workshop copy 12Oh, we have a feeling that 2015 will be one of those great years.  At least for us.

We have decided that 2015 will be all about education. Vi, from Morethanwords Creatives, looking forward to sharing everything we have learned in this 15 year old road of children & family photography, to start with.

Today we have just released our working together with Jesh & Theresa de Rox and  The Beloved Collective and our Playful Heart cards are now being sold all over the world!

We are also ready with our “the Playful Heart” workshop and already have three destinations booked and are looking forward to a few more continents to visit as the year goes by. So if you live in TALLIN, STOCKHOLM or THE NETHERLANDS, you can already book your spot through our brand-new-release-today SHOP! If you live somewhere where you would like us to bring the workshop to, let us know! We suffer from wanderlust and no destination is too far away!


A new thing we are testing now in the winter are our mini-workshops in Stockholm. Two and a half hours of fun, sharing, inspiration and of course, as you are dealing with us, PRACTICE on a topic we find super important for us to become better children photographers.

We have three dates already booked for mini-workshops here in Stockhom (the same workshop on all three dates, so just choose the date that works best for you!) and if I were you, I wouldn’t miss it, as we are feeling suuuuuuuper inspired and promise you will live us a better  family photographer or even mom-or-dad-who-has-photography-as-a-hobby photographer!

Have a great weekend everybody and hope to see and meet you all soon!

Playfulheart_Workshop-1 copyPlayfulheart_Workshop-2 copyPlayfulheart_Workshop-3 copyPlayfulheart_Workshop-5 copyPlayfulheart_Workshop-6 copyPlayfulheart_Workshop-7 copyPlayfulheart_Workshop-8 copy


Whenever I photograph families, I tend to be very organised. I prepare the whole shoot beforehand, I know exactly what pictures I want to take and how to get them.

But sometimes, when I feel very safe, when I feel I’m family and whatever I present with the love & caring I feel of them will be received with the same amount of love & caring…..I let go….

In the realm of   my “letting-go” world , magic can happen. I might not get all the pictures in my list, I might not even get the pictures people usually find in my portfolio, but I get images that have that little extra. For me. And hopefully for them.

I have many families I feel like I am a part of in this life. Besides my own beloved family, I’m lucky to say I have many extra moms, dads,  sisters, brothers, daughters, sons and soul mates around this world.

This beautiful family is one of them. This shoot was supposed to be an anniversary present, but it became so much more when they decided to add the grandparents and fly me to his hometown for the session. Just love them with all my heart and when I’m with them I can also pretend for a while that I’m Japonese, Dutch, Swedish, Brazilian, smart, calm, peaceful, sweet, open and 100% pure awesomess.

Dear family, this is my ode of love to you, thanks, for once more letting me let go!♥︎



After two weeks of family time, I’m back in front of my computer.

Have a lot to plan for 2015, as this year we are releasing an international product that has been my baby all these years. My vision of family & children photography being much more than only sitting kids on a chair and asking them to smile.

When I look at these images from 2009, I realize that this vision has always been there, since the beginning of my photography career here in Sweden when my first daughter was born, in 2001.

My vision that we photographers can make a difference in people’s lives not only through our beautiful images, but through the way we choose to meet the families we photograph, the way we choose to show our families how wonderful and beautiful their children are, when they are happy and feeling precious & loved.

I have this silly dream that I can remind families of the beauty of their children through the memories we create together during a photoshoot, which will live on their images and become a reminder of what really matters in life.

Our children matter the most. Their happiness matter the most. Showing how amazing they are, honoring who they are with honest and loving images of their souls.


Happy new year everybody!