mk015“What images make your heart say “WOW”?

That’s the question we got asked over and over again during the days I spent in Palm Springs with a bunch of Beloved photographers, all looking for finding their real call in their photography.

I cannot recall how many times my soul died a little every time I heard a parent say: “Stop playing and look at the camera and smile”, or “Why are you making these faces? Look at the photographer and look happy!”

I don’t blame parents for thinking this is the best way to help me out, but I’ve decided that if you are a parent looking for these kinds of pictures, I’m definitely not the right photographer for you. I want laugh, life and love in my pictures, yes, for sure, but just laugh, life and love that come out of the children naturally. Looking or not looking at me. This actually doesn’t matter at all to me.

To tell you the truth, my favorite pictures EVER are usually the ones no one could tell there was a photographer present at that moment.

A fly on the way. The joy of my family photography, just there to help you create beautiful moments and have them documented for life.

Looking sooooo forward to my autumn shoots!!!!!mk025mk035