Do you have more than three friends that would like to be photographed by us?

Then you can also book mini-sessions in your area of Stockholm. Like these group of five families that got together to have their photos taken by Villa Pauli in Djurgården.

A perfect solution if you are looking for a shorter session to document your family!





-an amazing family willing to have a great time together

-beautiful scenery as background

-the Playful Heart technique

-a happy positive enthusiastic photographer who loves children

Put everything together and choose one of our “outdoor studios” on Kungsholmen and VOILÁ! Amazing photos in no time at all!

Mini-sessions were our best-selling package this year and also our best-selling Xmas present. If you have no idea of what to give to the one you love, this is the best present ever!



When you are an outdoor children photographer, Stockholm in the summer is really a dreamland!

One of my favourite places to photograph children is Rosendahls Trädgården on the island of Djurgården.

Besides all the green areas, apple trees and amazing flowers, their greenhouses, art and farm-like environment are dream backgrounds for any photographer. This time I even brought two new cameras to test and I have to say that I just looooove my new Fuji XT1 with its 56mm portrait lens. It’s a little slower than my usual camera, but it also makes me think twice before I take a photo, which makes me wait and capture that precious mili-second of a moment much better.




After many months without blogging, I’m BACK!

I have so much to share with you, so many beautiful images taken this year. We have started to photograph only in the best light during the summer: early mornings or late afternoons and now we are really picky about the days we choose for our outdoor shoots. If the weather is bad, we choose another day, because we know how great photos can be in great weather.

The Playful Heart technique we use to use playing with the families to get more natural and candid photos has been spreading throughout the world. This year I’ve been to Holland, France, Estonia and Brazil teaching children and family photographers how to improve the experience of photography with them.

For us, photographing your family is not only about beautiful images, but also about giving your families great quality time together!



This year has been so great that I have been useless in terms of blogging! Where has time gone???

I promise that after our wedding season that has just finished, I’ll be updating our blog with a lot of inspiration and  joyful photos of all these amazing families we have met.

One of the biggest things that have happened was that we have released the new Playful Heart cards and workshops worldwide and have already been teaching our wonderful, fun and loving technique to photograph family and children in Holland, Sweden, Estonia and now in October we will be bringing it to France.

Besides being a part of our workshops, you can also follow us both on Facebook or Instagram to get new ideas for your own family shoots. Or you can even keep an eye on us and see where we will be going next to be one of our “model” families.

This amazing family has been with me since their parents got married in Stockholm many MANY years ago, when these cuties didn’t even exist yet.

It’s such a joy to follow a family for so many years and it’s amazing to see besides all the great shots you can get with the Playful Heart technique, that the children really have lots of fun when they meet us.

Some facts about this specific shoot during our latest workshop in Stockholm:

Time with the family: 20 minutes

Games played: 10 different games with variations

Number of photographers standing behind me: three

Number of photos the family will get from the shoot: 125 images

Number of times the children noticed the photographers: 0