Imagine that a family has booked you all the way from Finland for a family shoot in beautiful Stockholm. Imagine that exactly on the day the family is here, it’s freezing cold AND raining.

Then imagine that the mom in the family just happens to be a great family photographer and had just become one of your friends. Are you super scared yet? Well, I was!

But thank God her family was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and though they were freezing like crazy, they showed me their most beautiful sides and showed me that they were all as lovable as their mom is. What an honour it is to photograph your colleagues!

When I was choosing my absolute best for this post, I just couldn’t avoid showing you all of those. Let their love warm you as this weekend begins!



Winter has come and together with winter, our home sessions! Wow, I just love shooting families in the comfort of their homes.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to explain to my kids how my bedroom looked like when I was a child and I couldn’t find a single picture of how it looked like. Sooo sad! Do you have any pictures of your room? Of your parents’ bed you loved to jump into? Of your favorite toys and how you used to play with them?

Photographing kids in their “natural habitats” is not only super fun but it also feels very safe for them, allowing them to relax and show you a side of themselves they usually wouldn’t show in a strange environment. We can still use our games to play with them and bring out genuine smiles and interactions, and we can portrait many more of their different “faces” as we go (I just loooove those “different” kinds of faces kids can make!)

As much as a I want to be a natural light photographer, it becomes a very hard task here in  Sweden when winters are so dark, so we usually book our sessions during day light and if the light is not enough, we have plan B and bring out our studio flashes, which help us have an extra “window pouring light” into the room.

I was very lucky to have my dear friend and colleague Susi Baxter-Seitz with me in this shoot and as she shot with her Nikon D800, and a 58mm, 1.4 in ambient light, I shot with my Canon 5D, Mark III and my 24-70mm, 2.8, with one of my studio flashes bouncing into the walls behind me. Do you see how cool both can be?



According to the  Swedish Weather Station, we have had the darkest autumn in history here in Scandinavian. Stockholm had had four hours of sunlight in two months….

what can you do then? “Man tager vad man haver” and that means using the darkness to get beautiful heartfelt pictures among dried trees and wet leaves. And then you also have Milesgården. One of Stockholm’s most beautiful museums, and luckily, one of the favorite places on Earth for this dear family I met last week.

I was supposed to share only a couple of shots, but I just couldn’t choose. So I’ll give you ALL of my favorites. All shot with the new Nikon D750 and the 56mm lens I got to play with for a couple of weeks.

(I enjoyed playing with it soooo much that now it’s part of our Canon Family,when the Canons still want to rule, but let’s see what the future brings. One never knows…….)