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Whenever I photograph families, I tend to be very organised. I prepare the whole shoot beforehand, I know exactly what pictures I want to take and how to get them.

But sometimes, when I feel very safe, when I feel I’m family and whatever I present with the love & caring I feel of them will be received with the same amount of love & caring…..I let go….

In the realm of   my “letting-go” world , magic can happen. I might not get all the pictures in my list, I might not even get the pictures people usually find in my portfolio, but I get images that have that little extra. For me. And hopefully for them.

I have many families I feel like I am a part of in this life. Besides my own beloved family, I’m lucky to say I have many extra moms, dads,  sisters, brothers, daughters, sons and soul mates around this world.

This beautiful family is one of them. This shoot was supposed to be an anniversary present, but it became so much more when they decided to add the grandparents and fly me to his hometown for the session. Just love them with all my heart and when I’m with them I can also pretend for a while that I’m Japonese, Dutch, Swedish, Brazilian, smart, calm, peaceful, sweet, open and 100% pure awesomess.

Dear family, this is my ode of love to you, thanks, for once more letting me let go!♥︎


idamage181A wonderful project that started ten years ago, gave birth to a new life journey. The Essencevitae Project started with an idea in my mind to do something good to the world with two of my life’s passions: photography & people.

When you plant seeds, the fruits will come. And so they did.

With the seeds of the Essence Vitae, we now have our photographers starting their own projects with the EV spirit, being able to spread the fruit of our hard loving work to even more people around Sweden.

I do believe that  YOU can make a difference in the world if you do the good to the world yourself. Be a doer. Show how people should be by being that yourself first. You can make a difference by doing something life-important to a nearby stranger. You don’t need to go to war or work in 3rd world countries to make a big difference in people’s lives. Everything starts here. Near you. Near your heart. With a seed of a beautiful fruity tree.

My new project, “Kärlekens Fjärilar”, is now live! ♥︎

As the project will be live in Sweden, this part will be in Swedish:

Vad är Kärlekens Fjärilars projektet?

Det är ett projekt för familjer med små barn där en av familjemedlemmarna drabbats av en livshotande sjukdom.

Varför vill du göra detta?

Jag tror att det finns en otroligt styrka i kärleksfulla och glada bilder. Den palliativa styrkan av en kärleksbild är enormt stor. Är man mitt i en svår behandling, kan bilderna fungera som något man kan titta på när man håller på att tappa hoppet att allt ska bli bra. Ligger man på sjukhuset, kan man ha bilderna bredvid sig i sängen för att inte sakna sin familj så mycket. Inträffar det värsta och den familjemedlem vi har fotograferat går bort, har familjen en stark dokumentation av hur deras liv var innan familjemedlemmen gick bort.

Små barn som förlorar sina föräldrar har svårt att komma ihåg hur sina föräldrar såg ut och hur mycket de älskade sina barn. Bilderna blir därför en oerhört viktigt påminnelsen av hur föräldern såg ut och hur mycket han/hon älskade sitt barn. Om någon av min familj skulle drabbas av en livshotande sjukdom, är det just det jag skulle ha velat ha.

Oavsett hur det slutar tror vi det är viktigt att kunna gå tillbaka och minnas det som hänt på ett positivt sätt, med hjälp av bilderna.

Vad kostar fotograferingen och vad får de som fotograferas?

Fotograferingen är helt gratis, då jag ”sponsrar” projektet med att bjuda på min tid, talang och bildrättigheter. Familjerna får de bästa bilderna på USB eller igenom en länk som bearbetade digitala filer, så att de kan printa ut hur många kopior de vill, utan att behöva kontakta mig. Jag är också lycklig lottad att ha sponsorer som bjuder på en superfin fotobok. Värdet av en sådan här fotografering med fotobok är omkring 10 000:-.

Varför fotograferar ni bara familjer med små barn?

Jag fotograferar bara familjer med små barn därför att jag tycker att det måste vara bland det värsta i livet som kan hända, att förlora sina föräldrar när man är liten, eller att förlora sitt barn medan de fortfarande är så små.

Var kommer bilderna att synas?

Om ni inte vill, kommer bilderna inte synas någonstans. Bilderna är till dig och det är du och din familj som kommer att bestämma om ni vill dela dem med andra eller inte.

blog0This week I had a course  with the wonderful photographer Sonia Jansson. One of the things we did in the course was to really think why we take pictures. Why we have become photographers.

As I’ve been photographing for more than 20 years, I have of course thought of that more than once. I had never had such a deep insight as I had on Monday, though.

I’ve always been an admirer of life. The beauty of life, the magic of life.  And specially, the urgency of live. I realised that this urgency of life is the reason why I’ve been living so intensely since my young years. And I’ve found out I’m not alone, the text below could have been easily written by me.

“I’m one of those people that lives with a hyper awareness of death. For some, that would mean living in a constant state of fear, stress or depression. For me, it means living with a strong sense of urgency to live out my purpose, connect deeply and not waste time on things that don’t matter.”

Stephanie Zamora, The Huffington Post

When I was a child, I had tons of activities, because I could never get enough of learning. When I was a teenager, things only got worse, as I could decide myself what I could learn and where I could go. In my young adult years, I traveled, traveled and traveled. I can’t even count on my fingers how many times I’ve stood like on top of a volcano with a strong wind blowing on my face and thought: ” Wow, I’m sooo happy right now I could die”, and then I would think,”NOOO, I can’t, I have to be able to do this again!”

I’ve also realised that this traveling was a scape of my so organised perfect life. I needed to get away of my comfort zone to feel I was learning something, that I was feeling challenged, so travelling became the best fire to my search.

In this urgency of life, I’ve also treasured moments that I knew were very special. Moments that will all be in Dumbledore Pensieve, so I could just dive in and re-live them over and over again. As Dumbledore was a little too far away from my reality, photography has become my “pensieve”. With my pictures, I could go back again and again and again to those wonderful things I’ve experienced and felt. Things I never wanted to forget. Memories I could go back to as a reminder and a confirmation of how wonderful this life is.

Photography has become a way for me of showing the world the urgency of life. That life is here to be lived at its most and that precious moments are those to be treasured and kept on our own private “pensieves”.

And look at Hanna & Ebba at how many wonderful moments they will already have gathered themselves! ♥︎



I’m still dreaming that one day we will have a wonderful high resolution camera that will be connected directly to our eyes.

No, even better than that, a camera that will be connected to our hearts, and then will have our eyes as lenses. Think of all the times you have thought: “OMG, if I die now I’ll would die happy.” Or the moments you really made an effort to be present, to disconnect from the world outside and just focus on the moment that was happening, right here, right now. Yes. And just FEEL and try to REMEMBER. How that very moment warmed up your whole body, how that very moment froze time. Forever.

My memory has not been as it was before and I’m soooo afraid of forgetting. Not only moments, but how I felt when those moments happened.

Photography has given me hope that when I sit in my retirement home, at 97 (yes, we can always hope!), I’ll be able to bladder through all albums I’ll have finally have been able to make ( hope, yes!) and I’ll feel it again. Feel that I have lived and helped not only myself, but everyone I’ve met and photographed, to remember what this life is all about.♥


engagement shoot in ParisParis, the most romantic city in the world, and for us, at its most beautiful state when it’s still asleep.

That’s why, when we book a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement session in the city of lights, we book it EARLY-early in the morning of course. ;-)  This time we decided to meet our beautiful couple at 6 am by the Eiffel Tower. The only problem is that we had gotten the wrong information about the sunrise and we were there waaaay before the sun decided to show up. It wouldn’t have been a problem if the weather would have helped us, but at 2 degrees Celcius, I can tell you that when our couple arrived (thank God they arrived later than what we had told them), three photographers had almost frozen to death! ;-)

Thaise and Luiz came all the way from Brazil to do their engagement pictures in Paris. I was delighted that they had chosen me as their photographer and I decided to give them 150% of my dedication. We spent the whole day with them and took them around the most beautiful Parisian sights. Their love warmed us soooo much that it even brought us some hours of sun on this day that had nothing but rain on its weather forecast for the day.