Beloved for Couples


Mitt i vardagsstressen är det väldigt vanligt att man glömmer varandra. Att barnen står i centrum och förhållandet med varandra blir lätt lagt åt sidan. Tänk om man hade ett par timmar för att bara njuta av en och den andra. Att upptäcka på nytt och/eller minnas hur det kändes när man först träffades och blev kär. Ett par timmar för att bara tänka på varandras vackra och positiva sidor. Få möjlighet att säga saker man aldrig hinner säga. Få möjlighet att känna sig älskad och uppskattad på nytt.

Who do you love? Is it easy to love forever?

I have a dream. I see myself holding the same hand I hold now, in 40 years from now. Both so old we can’t even laugh without shaking our fake teeth, but we are there. Together.  Holding each other and a lifetime of memories. Together.

It’s not easy, specially when you have children and have to work for being able to give them a safe and sure future.

How do we do it? How do we keep this love flame burning? How do we find each other and fall in love with each other over and over again? The beloved technique has come as  a lightening to my photography. It gave me the means to explore the world of love. Explore the world , not only of the ones who succeed, but specially the ones who are out there, trying like crazy.

Pictures that are reminders of that love that exists between you. That love that after all the daily stress, children chaos, IS THERE, and gives you strength to go on, together.

I’m trying. Always, every day, every minute of our lives together. And I know I can give you and your love one  those “little reminders” of that future you both have together. There ahead, in 40 years.

Surprise your partner/husband/loved one with a Beloved Session. No kids, no stress, no rush. Just you two. Cherishing the love you have together. Remembering the love you have together.

This is our basic package for a Beloved Session:

-one to two hours of the Beloved Experience

-all low resolution pictures

-two kapa-monteringar in 40x60cm or 40x50cm


Extra high-resolution negatives: 350:-/st

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